Block Party!

I have had an absolute love affair with our neighborhood since we moved here five years ago. We live a few blocks from a huge park, there is a public pool nearby that we frequent every summer weekend, we’re less than a 10 minute drive to the beach and walking distance to a grocery store and two cute little areas full of bars and restaurants. Over the past few years years we’ve gotten to know our neighbors a bit more (one perk of having a dog and a baby), but still don’t know a lot of the people on our street. Until this weekend when we had our first block party! Organized by these sweet guys that live two doors down (seriously, ladies, there are good looking, organized, smart and incredibly nice guys next door–come on over for a BBQ!) the block party was unbelievable. It kicked off at noon with a kid’s bike parade. Neighbors grilled while we all tried to knock Charlie into the water in the dunk tank. We had not one, but TWO, bounce houses, which I maybe forced myself into, an egg toss, water balloon toss, face painting, pinatas and a cakewalk.     
   The highlight for the kids (and my husband) was the visit from the firetruck. The guys from Engine 110 were so nice, and not only let us walk through the back of the firetruck, but allowed the adult in the driver’s seat. They also entertained my husband’s million questions.    Everyone brought out food for a neighborhood pot luck, and the kids spent hours upon hours riding their bikes and scooters up and down the street. E held court in our front yard and Addie had the time of her life. I was maybe the old lady who told them they needed to turn the music down at 11:30pm, but the lack of sleep was worth it to meet and get to know the names and stories of the families that we walk by every day. It makes life in the big city that much smaller.