About Me.

Welcome to Winchester Wife! I’m Jessica, a California native who moved to the Midwest for a job and fell head over heels in love.


Now I’m firmly settled in Chicago, complete with my handsome husband, new baby girl and goofy yellow lab, Adelaide.

View More: http://amyjoroyall.pass.us/rechtiens

A bit more about me:

I can’t leave Target without spending at least $100. Summer is my jam and the beach is my happy place. I baby talk to strange dogs. Diet coke is my favorite mistake. I not-so-secretly wish I was a travel writer.  I could eat Mexican food for every meal. I love nothing more than my little family. Follow along as I share my thoughts on adjusting to a new normal.


2 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. I’m totally right there with you girl. I have my pre-baby weight goal: 10 lbs left (after 8 months:( and then my ACTUAL goal of 20-25 lbs. Lets face it, we all want to weigh how much we weighed when we got married bc we looked HOT.


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