Oh, hello there!

It appears as if my new normal is posting every two months. My bad. Thing is, it isn’t going to get any better. We’ve been busy these past few months with major life changes: growing a baby (due in less than three weeks now), selling our condo in the city and buying a house in the suburbs (post on that to come), switching daycares for our little nugget, losing my Grandma, and an insane amount of work travel for Tim.
Poor babe numero dos has gotten the shaft. We’ve taken maybe four photos of this pregnancy (as opposed to cutesy weekly photos when I was pregnant with Emma), the nursery is not yet complete and we just started thinking about baby names last night. Dear baby, I promise you are very loved and I will pay attention to you once you arrive. Meanwhile, I’m trying to spend as much time with your big sister as possible and get our new home in order.
A few of you sweet gals have checked in to see if I’ll be doing recaps of this season of The Bachelor. We all know how I feel about Nick Viall (yuck) so honestly I didn’t even watch the first episode! But I figure I will need to do some binge watching while on maternity leave so some sporadic posts may be coming your way.
In the meantime, if anyone has guidance on flipping a breech baby, making decisions on furnishing an entire living room, managing a toddler and a newborn, or losing baby weight in the middle of winter, I’d appreciate it.  Hopefully my next post will be an announcement about our new arrival!