These Are My Confessions

You better have sung that Usher style or else we can’t be friends.
  1. I bought Emma a bag of Veggie Straws at the grocery store yesterday and it is completely gone. She had like five. The rest went straight down my gullet. I try to justify these as they are organic and “veggie straws” but lets be honest, they’re colored potato chips.
2. I’ve been listening to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” on repeat. My husband is ready to kill me but Emma is totally into my dance moves. #sorrynotsorry
3. We allow our dog to eat the leftover food off of Emma’s tray and highchair. It is potentially revolting but saves SO much clean up. (Don’t worry, I then clean the tray before feeding her again.) Pup
4. I work from home a fair amount, and as such there are days when I don’t have meetings that I just wear leggings or sweatpants all day. Stay at home or work from home moms, how do you motivate to shower and get dressed? Send some motivation my way. 57599602
5. Emma and I were both hit with a stomach virus last weekend. It was bad news bears. But the whole time I kept thinking, “This will definitely kick start my 2016 weight loss!” I’ve been trying to do Fit Girls 28 Day Jumpstart and have also started going to Pure Baree which is an insane work out and is getting me in gear. I’m basically like:


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