Game. Changer.

I’m part of a few Working Moms groups on Facebook (sometimes a great resource, sometimes annoying) and one thing we all have in common is never having groceries in the house or the time and/or energy to actually go shopping. Enter Instacart. I am apparently late to the game on this, but it is AMAZING and I wish I thought of it myself. Basically, you order groceries on-line from local partnered stores, schedule a delivery to your house, and all the groceries are delivered to your doorstep within an hour or two. GENIUS!  In Chicago, Instacart partners with Mariano’s, Costco, Stanley’s, PetCo, Jewel, Plum Market, Tony’s and Whole Foods. For most of the stores, prices are the same as in store, for others, prices are a bit higher but I for one am willing to pay a premium for not having to set foot into a store and having someone deliver my groceries to my kitchen.
I used Instacart for the first time on Monday. I ordered groceries on their app during my lunch break, and scheduled delivery for 6pm when I would be home from work. There is an opportunity before check-out to state if you would like a substitution or a “refund” if an item you requested is not in stock, which is fantastic. Even better, I got a text from my shopper Maria while she was at Target sharing that the LaCroix flavor I requested was not in stock and she shared with me all the options. Fabulous. I got a text from Instacart with an estimated delivery time, and you can legitimately track your shopper’s car on its way to your house. Maria called when she was downstairs and then carried all my groceries upstairs into my kitchen. No cash was exchanged as both the cost of groceries and the tip are all through the Instacart website, as you register your credit card. For working moms and city dwellers, this is pure genius and I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t share.
If you want to use my referral code, you get $10 off your first purchase, PLUS you get free shipping on your first delivery. DO IT.

Basically the size of the cart I need at Target. 

2 thoughts on “Game. Changer.

  1. I had the exact same monday! First instacart experience at Target and the lime lecroix I ordered was not available so my shopper called to let me know other options. Agree that the the entire process was so easy; will definitely be using instacart again very soon.


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