Stitch Fix Review- Box #2

As I mentioned in my first Stitch Fix review, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on each item as well as send a note to your stylist requesting what you are looking for in your upcoming Fix. I noted that my last box was mainly black and white so I wanted rich, fall colors in my upcoming shipment, as well as a coat for winter…and reminded my stylist that I live in Chicago so make it warm! On to my items:
  1. Mavi Frieda Skinny Jean- $98
I received these jeans in my last shipment in a lighter wash. In my feedback I shared that I would have kept these if they were darker. My stylist listened and re-sent this in a deep, dark wash. LOVE THEM! They are insanely comfortable in a yoga-pant way and have kept their shape. I’ve struggled with other jeans getting saggy, especially in the butt and thighs, after a day of wear. These remain snug and tight. And $100 is a pretty good deal for a great pair of jeans. Verdict: Keep!  2. 41 Hawthorn Popover Blouse- $58
This blouse was cute and I loved the color, exactly what I requested in my shipment! It looked really cute with jeans and I could definitely see it with a pencil skirt for work. That said, $58 is pretty expensive for a polyester blouse. My friend Annie, who I trust for all fashion decisions, said I could probably find something similar at TJMaxx for $20, which is probably true. Verdict: Return.  

IMG_7549 IMG_7549

3. Market & Spruce Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan- $68
The color on this was great–a deep plum. But it was hideous. The zipper was broken on mine, but even when I tried to hold it in place, I could not get behind the style. Also, $70 for a cardigan? No way. Verdict: Return.  4. Market & Spruce Brentwood Jersey Stripe Tiered Top- $68
$68 for a cotton top is ridiculous. Even if it was cheaper, it was incredibly unflattering and had weird flaps near the bottom. Verdict: Return.  5. Andrew Marc Adriana Wool Coat- $198
I immediately liked this coat when I pulled it out of the box. It is a deep hunter green and has a snazzy faux fur collar, which is removable. Winter gets mighty cold here in the midwest so I wouldn’t spend $200 on a coat that I could only wear for a month or two. Thankfully, in addition to the wool, the coat is lined and seems like it will keep me toasty. While this was more than I was planning to spend on a Stitch Fix, it is probably how much I’d spend at Banana Republic or JCrew, where I usually purchase my winter coats. I can’t wait to rock this all winter long!   
You’ll notice that I strategically cut out my face in all these photos thanks to severe lack of make-up and a hideous breakout. You’re welcome.
While I’m pretty pleased with this StitchFix overall, I’m not sure if I need a box monthly as I don’t need that many clothes and I definitely don’t need to spending that much $$ on myself. We’re considering doing a “No Spend November” over here to save up for the holidays. Has anyone done that before? Successes? Fails? Tips?

One thought on “Stitch Fix Review- Box #2

  1. the jeans and coat look great!!! it got into the 50’s here; i may need that coat too… can’t imagine who that black/white shirt would look good on. let me know how “no spend november” goes. i was thinking that we could stand to do a month like that, but i will probably wait until after the holidays. miss you!!!!


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