Zoe the Brave

Today I’m sharing the story of Zoe. Zoe is the oldest daughter of my best friend from high school. She is six years old, loves to read, wants be to a scientist who helps sea creatures when she grows up, and like most girls her age, loves Frozen. Zoe also has epilepsy. She was diagnosed two years ago and has 7-15 seizures daily.

Unfortunately, seizure medication has not helped Zoe and she’ll be having two brain surgeries in the coming weeks to help her become seizure free. To bring some cheer to this sweet girl during her ten day stay in the hospital, her family is asking friends and family near and far to send a card, note, or drawing with a note of encouragement. And I’m asking you to do the same! Mail can be sent to:
Zoe the Brave
10605 SE 240th ST
Box 510
Kent, WA 98031

Stitch Fix Review- Box #2

As I mentioned in my first Stitch Fix review, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on each item as well as send a note to your stylist requesting what you are looking for in your upcoming Fix. I noted that my last box was mainly black and white so I wanted rich, fall colors in my upcoming shipment, as well as a coat for winter…and reminded my stylist that I live in Chicago so make it warm! On to my items:
  1. Mavi Frieda Skinny Jean- $98
I received these jeans in my last shipment in a lighter wash. In my feedback I shared that I would have kept these if they were darker. My stylist listened and re-sent this in a deep, dark wash. LOVE THEM! They are insanely comfortable in a yoga-pant way and have kept their shape. I’ve struggled with other jeans getting saggy, especially in the butt and thighs, after a day of wear. These remain snug and tight. And $100 is a pretty good deal for a great pair of jeans. Verdict: Keep!  2. 41 Hawthorn Popover Blouse- $58
This blouse was cute and I loved the color, exactly what I requested in my shipment! It looked really cute with jeans and I could definitely see it with a pencil skirt for work. That said, $58 is pretty expensive for a polyester blouse. My friend Annie, who I trust for all fashion decisions, said I could probably find something similar at TJMaxx for $20, which is probably true. Verdict: Return.  

IMG_7549 IMG_7549

3. Market & Spruce Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan- $68
The color on this was great–a deep plum. But it was hideous. The zipper was broken on mine, but even when I tried to hold it in place, I could not get behind the style. Also, $70 for a cardigan? No way. Verdict: Return.  4. Market & Spruce Brentwood Jersey Stripe Tiered Top- $68
$68 for a cotton top is ridiculous. Even if it was cheaper, it was incredibly unflattering and had weird flaps near the bottom. Verdict: Return.  5. Andrew Marc Adriana Wool Coat- $198
I immediately liked this coat when I pulled it out of the box. It is a deep hunter green and has a snazzy faux fur collar, which is removable. Winter gets mighty cold here in the midwest so I wouldn’t spend $200 on a coat that I could only wear for a month or two. Thankfully, in addition to the wool, the coat is lined and seems like it will keep me toasty. While this was more than I was planning to spend on a Stitch Fix, it is probably how much I’d spend at Banana Republic or JCrew, where I usually purchase my winter coats. I can’t wait to rock this all winter long!   
You’ll notice that I strategically cut out my face in all these photos thanks to severe lack of make-up and a hideous breakout. You’re welcome.
While I’m pretty pleased with this StitchFix overall, I’m not sure if I need a box monthly as I don’t need that many clothes and I definitely don’t need to spending that much $$ on myself. We’re considering doing a “No Spend November” over here to save up for the holidays. Has anyone done that before? Successes? Fails? Tips?