Five on Friday

  1. It’s fall my friends, although I’m thankful for the fabulous Indian summer we are having in the midwest. I cannot quite get into full fall decorating yet, but I did pull out my Nest Pumpkin Chai candle which is the best thing of all time. It smells like delicious autumn baking. I also found a cute little burlap banner for $3 in the Target Dollar Spot yesterday, but I can’t find the link on-line. They have some REALLY CUTE fall/thanksgiving stuff so I also bought a new seasonal doormat which looks sweet with my fall wreath. 
  2. I have gained approximately one million pounds this summer due to excessive overeating (really, it’s horrifying) and making up for a year plus of no alcohol. My pants are not fitting and it ain’t cute. So last night I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went for a run (I’m being generous here, it was more of a shuffle) with the stroller and the dog. Holy geez. If I can do that, I can do anything. Now I just need to run further than one mile and I’ll be on my way to looking like Gisele.
  3. I am trying to spruce up my casual weekend wardrobe and bought a few pairs of shoes to add to my collection. I’ve been on the hunt for neutral booties and found this pair at Target. My mom doesn’t like the wedge but my style guru friend Annie said go for it, so I did. They’re similar to the JCrew Macalister Wedge Boot but $100 cheaper. Women's Terri Lace Up Wedge BootiesAlso decided to kick it old school in my Chuck Taylors. I’ve been wearing these a lot with my jeans rolled up a bit and feel pretty cool. 
  4. I canceled my Birchbox subscription (again) this month. I signed up for it after Emma was born in an attempt to make myself more presentable, but I’ve been pretty uninspired by what they’ve been sending. It’s been a lot of hair products, which really I could care less about. Send me lipstick people! Anyway, my last box had two fabulous items that I will definitely be purchasing. The first was Benefit Speedbrow Tinted Eyebrow Gel. I have wiry, curly and unruly brows. This stuff was legit and keeps them in place all day long. The second was Wilma Schumann Collagen Eye Pads. I looked like a crazy person while I was wearing them, but I was approximately five years younger when I took them off. I was kind of annoyed that I put them on before bed. I definitely should have saved them before going out/taking photos/seeing an ex-boyfriend. They are a splurge at $18 for a five pack but wowza, they are worth it.
  5. Parents of the world, no need to buy your toddlers toys! Just supply them with a giant box of tampons. I was unpacking my Target haul last evening and Emma was in need of attention. I handed her a box of tampons and girlfriend went to town. I’m serious, this kept her entertained for at least 30 minutes. She loved being able to pick up many at a time and enjoyed the crinkly plastic wrap. #momoftheyear
    Mocs: Freshly Picked// Pants: Old Navy//Top: Old from Carters
    Next week Tim and I celebrate our five year wedding anniversary! I’ve always been a little sad I started blogging after I was already married because a wedding always provides good fodder for posts. Would anyone be interested in seeing photos from our wedding and various wedding events next week? Please remember this was pre-Pinterest!

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