Stitch Fix Review

My wardrobe has been significantly uninspired this past year. My body is still not where I want it to be (probably because I’ve been eating nonstop and not working out) and I’m wearing clothes I’ve had for 5+ years. Yet, I have no interest in going out shopping. Enter Stitchfix, a curated shopping service where clothes are delivered to your door. I had heard about it for a while, but learned more when I visited my best friend a few weeks ago. She said she’s had a very positive experience and sent me a referral link so I poked around on the website and decided to bite the bullet.
The registration process was really fun and easy! They ask you to describe your style (I said classic and preppy, but I was hoping to get a little bit edgier), select a few wardrobe exampless that you like, share any body challenges you may be having (like maybe a giant post baby belly and weird nursing boobs?), select the price range you’re most comfortable for a variety of items, and you can even link to a Pinterest board so your stylist can get a sense of your style. See mine here. Basically my style is skinny model. Ugh. There is also a section to share any requests for your upcoming shipment. I requested denim as I needed to step up my Old Navy game (although I do love these), but if you have a special event or a trend you’d like to try, you can let your stylist know.
My Stitchfix box arrived on Saturday, perfectly packaged, which I love.  
The box told me what to do next, which was basically try everything on, log on to their site and provide feedback on each item to further direct my stylist, and then drop everything I don’t keep in the pre-paid shipping bag at any USPS mailbox. This is so needed for me. I am TERRIBLE at returning things so lose so much $$ when I shop on-line. 
The stylist also encloses a little sheet that gives a few examples of how to wear each piece, dressed up and dressed down.


Each box comes with five pieces. Get ready for some amazing selfie photography  in a dark room with dog and baby photobombs. I’m a super professional blogger. 
  1. Mavi Frieda Skinny Jean- $98 I actually really loved these jeans. The denim was incredibly comfortable and soft, and they hit very nicely on the waist. They were a bit snug, but I imagine they would stretch out a bit after wearing for a day or two…or maybe I could just stop pounding mini almond snickers for a like a week. That said, I didn’t really love the wash. I prefer darker denim and this had an odd fade on the upper thigh and below the butt–two areas I’m not interested in highlighting.     Verdict: RETURN 
  2. Baule Beaded Fringe Necklace- $58. I’m pretty particular in my accessories and mostly go with a classic style. I appreciate that my stylist added this in as I requested something edgy, but at $58 it was too much for a piece I wouldn’t wear that often. For future boxes, I will request she not include jewelry. Verdict: RETURN.   

  3. Ackley Houndstooth Print Blouse- $68. I shared with my stylist that I’m still trying to deal with some post baby weight (yes, my kid is now one year old but whatever) so I loved the fact that she included a looser blouse. Houndstooth is perfect for fall, and this is definitely something I can wear either on a date or to work. I styled it both ways below. First photo I’m rocking the Mavi jeans from Stitchfix and booties for dinner with girlfriends or a night out with Tim. In the second, I paired the blouse with a black pencil skirt and work appropriate heels for the office. Verdict: KEEP! 
  4. Queensland Dolman Jersey Top- $48. This was maybe one of the comfiest shirts I’ve ever put on. It’s like yoga pants for your upper half. I liked the concept, but the style was not very flattering on me. It had an 80’s style and I didn’t much like the bat wings. If it was $20, I would have kept it. But it wasn’t. Honestly it is photographing better than it actually looked. Also, sorry for my skeletor hands. Verdict: RETURN.

  5. Lori Pencil Skirt- $68. This was my favorite item that I pulled out of the box…until I put it on. It did NOT look good on my hips and the material felt cheap for a $70 skirt. Great in theory, but not in practice. Also, my dog is totally over me.                     Verdict: RETURN. 

Overall: I think one out of five isn’t bad, especially for my first box. I gave a fair amount of feedback to my stylist and I think (hope?) that should help her moving forward.  Do you think I made the right decisions? Anything else I should have kept? Suggestions for my next box? I’m not sure what the new fall trends are so please share what you’ll be trying!
I forgot to mention that you do pay a $20 stylist fee for each box, so if you return everything, you lose that $20. If you buy one or more items, your stylist fee is applied your total and if you buy everything in the box, you receive 25% off. Overall, this was MUCH easier than getting my butt out to the mall. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving packages? I’m planning on giving this a few months until I get the confidence to stare at my semi-naked body under fluorescent lights in a dressing too. If you’re interested, you can sign up using my referral link  here.

10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review

  1. The striped skirt looks great, makes you look super skinny and could be dressed up or down which is a double bonus! I see what you are saying on the other items. I’ve been so tempted to do this. I literally can hardly get to the grocery store let alone go somewhere and try on clothes with either, or god forbid, both if my children. Keep
    Posted on future boxes!


  2. I think you look great. My babe is 16 months and I still have 10 lbs (at least) to lose. Who has time to work out when you have a cute babe to play with?


  3. Hi there 🙂 Read this through the facebook post and thought I’d share my thoughts… I’ve done it a few times and it’s always fun, but I always did better with the boxes where I stayed true to “my style” (which I don’t feel like I have much of…too many uniforms in my life!) The first time I totally filled out how I wanted to look and then wasn’t comfortable in most of it. But the stuff they sent in my comfort zone was pretty fun. Then I realized I wear scrubs for a living so I don’t do it consistently, but as a fun treat. Totally agree with you on the jewelry piece too… again, wearing scrubs, my trendy jewelry can totally be the price point of Charming Charlies… use the Stitch fix for some fun clothes to mix it up with. And I can only imagine with a little one and a job that requires real clothes, this type of service is a great time/mind saver. If I remember correctly you can set your price, so you could always make it lower for the jewelry…. Anyways, hope you are well!


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