Blogs I Love (And Blogs I Love to Hate): First Edition

Today’s topic is a reader request! We were chatting about bloggers we love, how we find them, and bloggers we love to hate. She suggested I share my faves (and not so faves) with all of you. This post got really long really fast so I’m going to turn it into a  new series!
I prefer reading real bloggers over “professional bloggers”. Seeing perfectly staged, bright and light photos, while inspiring, makes me feel bad about myself. Reading a mom post about how her kid was a total nightmare and her house looks like a bomb hit it makes me feel like I’m doing just fine. Give me real over curated any day of the week, so you’ll see my blog loves skew towards real life people with jobs, maybe kids, and not someone that makes their living off of collaborations with retailers.

Blog Loves

Elements of Style.  This was one of the first blogs I started reading, and while it is “professional”, it is an accompaniment of her career. Erin Gates is an AMAZING Boston based interior designer. She has a classic style with a bit of a twist. Her blog focuses mainly on interiors, obviously, but also tosses in fashion and lifestyle. Despite it being her professional blog, Erin is not afraid to share her personal life with her readers. She has been open about her history with eating disorders, anxiety and, most recently, infertility. She is now adorably pregnant and styling that bump something fierce. I cannot WAIT to see the babe’s nursery. Below are a few images from her home just outside of Boston. Gimme that kitchen! And check out the cheetah print stair runner. So bold.

erin gates design portfolio kitchen

erin gates design portfolio stairs

Pineapple Style Blog. I first found Summer through her previous blog, Life is Reed-iculous, named after Reed, her sweet chocolate lab. This was one of the blogs that I creeped through, reading every post back to the beginning. (Don’t lie, you have totally done that too!). Summer has great fashion sense and a traditional Southern home style. She’s also not afraid to make fun of herself and has a sarcastic sense of humor, which I love. After lurking on Summer’s blog and insta for a while, we realized we were having babies around the same time. We became blogger friends, and shortly after our little girls were born, real friends! Or as real as can be considering we have never spoken, but we text often about the girls, their milestones, post baby bodies and our struggles as working mamas. Hopefully Summer will start blogging again about buying and decorating her new house in North Carolina. (Hint, hint!) Below are pics of her daughter Sloan, with her new lab Rolo and a favorite photo of Sloan’s nursery:


full room
Its the Little Things. Taylor is a local Chicago girl, originally from Atlanta, who writes a fabulous blog that is a mix of celebrity gossip, trashy tv recaps, fashion and her daily life. She watches The Bachelor/Bachelorette, so obviously I’m  on board, and for those of you who are into any other terrible tv, she probably watches those too and recaps on her Thursday Coffee Talk series. She’s funny and sarcastic, and truly adorable. I want to be friends with her, even though I’m older and have a baby and cannot keep up with her super fun lifestyle. She is relatively newly married and her wedding was GORGE! Check out her dress!

Olive & Tate. I have a little crush on Stephanie. I began following her blog, back when it used to be called Newlyweds: North, shortly after she moved to Maine from South Carolina, literally one week after getting married. She and her husband have since welcomed baby Gray and are back in Greenville. Girlfriend is hilarious, loves red wine in bed, tells it like it is as the mama of a one year old (one of my fave of our posts is “An Ode to My Pre-baby Boobs”), and is currently renovating their straight out of the 70’s home into something gorgeous. She’s also one half of Willow Crowns, a small business that has the cutest headbands that Emma rocks on the regular. See below for her most recent home reveal and one year family photos, which I will be copying immediately.

Blogs I Love to Hate:

Hanging with the Hewitts. This actually used to be one of the blogs I read daily. A typical SAHM blog but I appreciated her candor and chatty nature. But over the last 6-12 months or so Caycee has turned the blog into a money maker. Every post contains a million links and she has a new outfit on daily. She’s really lost the content that made me want to read her, however sometimes I still take a peek, and when I do, it’s her and her fabulous body rocking a bikini at the pool/on the beach and drinking cocktails while her kids play, while I’m at work missing my kid. Makes me feel bad about my working mama life and my post baby bod. Unsubscribe.  Also recently, she has been wearing this wig thing that just drives me insane.

Barefoot Blonde. This chick is gorgeous, has ridiculously amazing hair, a fantastic body (even while pregnant), a beautiful apartment in NYC and a handsome husband. Oh, they also travel to places like Greece and Bora Bora, with their 16 month old? I mean, it’s too much. Oh, and she’s like 25. Who has this much money? I visit her instagram feed every once in a while, hate my life, and then unfollow again. See below for pictures that make me want to stab myself in my muffin top.

Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blonde
There are plenty of more bloggers I love, and bloggers I love to hate, that I’ll share in a second edition next moth. Until then, who are your must reads?

2 thoughts on “Blogs I Love (And Blogs I Love to Hate): First Edition

  1. Hi, Winchester wife! I stumbled upon your post while googling ‘blogs we love to hate’. I saw an article online with the same title ( Elle, Marie Claire…?) and got to know some pretty cool blogs. Then searched the web for more and then came you. About your list: really, you get upset about Barefoot Blonde?! Seeing her picture here, I instantly thought of “Drug Baron wife”. Not kidding: the tan, the dress, the hair colour and do, the shoes, everything put together… not charming. And when I read ‘New York ‘, all I could think of, was Carrie’s ( remember :D) “No self-respecting New York City woman would be caught dead running around Manhattan in a scrunchie ” – although a little early 2000s and debatable today – statement. Really, I don’t intend to trash the blogger in question. There’s no reason for me to do it. The only reason I’m leaving my imprint, is because I hate to see wonderful women living (real) busy lifes with jobs and family or down to earth sahms, thinking they deserve less or are less glamorous than a gal who plans every single eyelash tone or whatever according to the sunset ( oops hard not to sound offensive… :)) anywho, just my 2 cents, now let me check out your blog. A New reader from Portugal.


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