Summer (?) Bucket List

Apparently kids are already going back to school, so I thought I would share our 2015 Summer Bucket List. Each April or May I put together a list of activities that I want to do over the next three months. Summer is short in Chicago so we try to take advantage of it! Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys) helps us to plan weekend date nights. Rather than keep this year’s bucket list on my computer, I put it up on our chalkboard wall aka the side of our fridge. Rather than walking down the hallway looking straight into a fridge, I put up chalkboard contact paper I found on Amazon. It took a while to get it perfect, but I LOVE it and use our little chalkboard for notes, grocery lists and holiday greetings.
 This summer I went easy on us, as we have a little one in tow, and I still don’t love leaving her with babysitters, so there are a few things we haven’t been able to do yet like go for a bike ride, go hiking at Indiana Dunes, attend movies or Shakespeare in the Park (which start after baby E’s bedtime) or grab cocktails at a few of our favorite rooftops. But, we have been to the pool nearly every weekend, hit up the local Farmer’s Market weekly for fresh fruits and veggies, have gone to the beach a few  times to let our pup play in the surf, and were able to join friends for a concert at Ravinia–the Tanglewood of the midwest.
  Last week, thanks to Grandma for coming into town to babysit, Tim and I were able to have a date night and cross two major items off our bucket list. Drinks at the Terrace in the new Trump Tower and a stroll along the new Chicago Riverwalk. The Terrace was definitely a bucketlist activity. I won’t be going there on the regular, especially as cocktails start at $25, but it was a beautiful view and a gorgeous night. A definite must if you’re visiting Chicago or playing tourist in your own city.     
Dress: Calvin Klein (similar here and here)  Clutch: Clare Vivier 
After dinner at GT Fish & Oyster, we decided to stroll to the new Riverwalk. I’m not just saying it because I live here, but Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities. The architecture is amazing, the beach borders downtown and a river runs through it. Up until this summer though, you could not take advantage of the river! Thankfully they just opened a beautiful riverwalk, complete with gardens, neat art installations and most importantly, bars! If you are one of the lucky and rich few who own a boatt, you can even pull up and dock. We strolled through a grabbed a glass of wine at City Winery, right underneath the infamous “corncobs”. What a perfect night. 


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