Five on Friday: Back at It!

Well my dear friends, two weeks ago, during the prime of The Bachelorette, my blog had 350 views. This week I’m at 84 so clearly the people have spoken and I’ll be wasting my Sunday AND Monday watching Bachelor in Paradise. I do it for you, readers, I do it for you. A few things rattling around in my head this week:
1. I had leftover watermelon juice from my jalapeno watermelon margarita so whipped up another tasty drink to continue my summer of cocktailing! Muddle a few mint leaves in the bottom of a collings glass. Add a shot of vodka, watermelon juice, two solid squeezes of lime and top with a splash of club soda for some bubbles. Delish! I did not take a photo because I was attempting to eat a burger and appease my daughter, who was trying to shove as much leaves and dirt into her mouth as humanly possible.
2. On a walk this week I discovered another Little Free Library in our neighborhood.  This is our third and had lots of great children’s books. Do any of you have these? It’s a program in which volunteers place structures in their yards to fill with books. Anyone can take a book  or leave a book, with the idea to promote reading and foster community spirit. I’ve grabbed a few great books from our neighborhood Little Free Libraries and have dropped off some as well. I love knowing that they are moving around the city to so many different homes.  
3. I took myself to Target this week, treated myself to a Starbucks and had a nice little stroll. While marching through the shoe section I spied the following:  Dude, I’m 100% sure I had these in 1994. First birkenstocks, then overalls, and now these hideous heeled loafers. The 90’s are back!
4. Playing House is the best show you aren’t watching.I caught Playing House on USA last summer and it is hilarious! Short summary: Two best friends, one is pregs and her best friend moves home from China to help her raise the baby. I obviously connected with it last summer as I too was incredibly pregnant, but I’m re-watching Season One now and I am still laughing and crying. These women are hilarious and it’s a wonderful model of female friendship. Season Two just started this week. It’s a must watch! Also, you will die when you see their house and want to move right in.
5. My mother-in-law came in town to help this week as I had a work event late last night and the best part…she’s babysitting for us tonight too so Tim & I get to have a date night! We’re hoping to have a drink at Terrace at the Trump, which has been on our summer bucket list (which I will share next week). Fingers crossed we get a seat. Check out this view! I love this city.


One thought on “Five on Friday: Back at It!

  1. Those shoes are too much. I had something very similar that i wore in like 1998, pretty sure they were exhilaration from Target.
    Playing House show sounds funny – going to check it out.


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