2015 Resolutions Check-In

It is so hard to believe that we are halfway through the year. Yesterday I heard a Back to School commercial on the radio. Thanks a lot JCPenny’s. I’d like to remind you that summer JUST arrived in Chicago so let me enjoy it for a bit. Anyway, I did figure six months into the year would be a good time for a self-evaluation on my 2015 resolutions.
1. Lose the baby weight and be more active
So…I am bouncing around my pre-baby weight by about two pounds but my body definitely does not look anything like it did pre-pregs. I am fitting into most of my old clothes, with the exception of my skinniest jeans and a few shorts and dresses bought for my honeymoon and our Greece trip in 2013 when I was pretty thin, but they just don’t look the same. Maybe because I have run once in the last few months (and I’m pretty sure I peed my shorts while doing so), played tennis once (no pee) and have not signed up for one race or exercise class. I definitely need to get my ass in gear but am having a hard time balancing work, errands, housework, quality time spent with baby and husband and working out. Any suggestions?
*addendum. I went for a run tonight with Tim, E and the dog. Running with a stroller is no joke. I feel like I should now be fit and thin despite the the fact that I capped said run with a 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon. 
2. Be more present, ie. get off my dang phone. 
I have been better at this but still not as good as I want to be. I hate that my default in the morning is checking my e-mail, news apps, facebook and instagram feed instead of quality play time with the babe. However, we both have shut down our phones during dinner (for the most part) which I’m considering a win.
3. Eat dinner at the dining room table at least one time per week.
YES! We have been doing this numerous nights a week. Having Em in the high chair has really made a difference as we try to all eat dinner together. It’s so nice for all three of us to be around the table, off our phones, and really connecting. (Some of us prefer to eat green onions off the floor while digging through the fridge).   
4. Call my friends. 
I still need to work on this. I’ve connected with a few of my girls but I feel like we have to schedule our calls due to our busy schedules and even then it still doesn’t work out. I’ll try to be better at this the latter half of the year. And yes Katie Connors, I owe you a call!
5. Get a babysitter. 
We have had three babysitters these past few months! I used DateNight by SitterCity the first time and of course it was a day that Emma had refused her second nap. Tim & I went out to dinner and a show to celebrate his birthday and we had plenty of drinks so I wasn’t too twitchy, although I did text her a few times. The second time we used DateNight was a complete disaster. The babysitter didn’t show due to car trouble and when I finally got a hold of her (20 minutes after she was supposed to be here) she couldn’t find a substitute. It got all worked out but it was incredibly stressful. They did, however, refund me for the sitter. The third time we used our friend’s nanny, who I had met before, so I was stress free! I’m still looking for a regular gal that I’ll feel comfortable with and I’m sure the more nights we spend out the better I will feel.
6. Spend more time with Addie. 
We’ve been trying to get to the beach once a weekend to let our little maniac run around. My husband also started a running routine so she has been joining him on his morning runs, and I’ve started taking her for a long evening walk after the babe goes to bed. It is special time between the two of us and a great way for me to end the day.  
7. Blog once a week.
With a few exceptions, I have definitely blogged once a week and sometimes more than once a week. Thanks to handy dandy wordpress, I was informed I just made my 50th post last week. Huzzah!
8. Take more quality photos.
Boo. With the exception of E’s monthly photos, I’ve totally sucked at this. I have a hard time balancing baby and camera, especially now that she is on the move. The iPhone is just too easy and I always have it in my back pocket. More effort needed!

2 thoughts on “2015 Resolutions Check-In

  1. Jessica, I have a babysitter for you. She is the sister of one of my besties. She is amazing! She currently nannies while trying to get her acting career off the ground (so sometimes she is too busy). I know that may make her sound flighty…but she’s legit. Just graduated with a masters in theater and is AWESOME with babies/kids. I know she appreciates the extra cash. Name is Kat and her number is 847-757-4454. Good luck!

    P.S. I am totes impressed with your resolution progress. I don’t even make them….and just continue to let things slide. Except I have been really happy with yoga for working out (it will NEVER look the same though). I can’t run at all. Pee everywhere. Yoga for me is relaxing and a work out…helps a lot with mommy stress.

    Let’s meet up again soon! Play date!

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