Sad Mac

I had all sorts of plans to write a lovely post on my husband’s family reunion last weekend and include photos of our pastoral bliss. However…last night the battery died on my phone and upon plugging it in I basically saw the iPhone equivalent of this:

Remember when that happened to Carrie on Sex & the City? I was like that, minus a handsome Aidan problem solving by my side. (I still can’t believe she cheated on him with Big. What an idiot).
Basically my phone went into Restore mode and in order to get it recovered, I would lose everything, including the 1,000 plus photos I have not downloaded onto my computer. I freaked out until I remembered the Cloud. Except…as it turns out I don’t have the Cloud? I spent most of last night awake thinking of all the memories I lost. Photos of my little girl eating her first solids, playing with our puppy, hanging on the beach with her grandparents and videos of her crawling and laughing.
After telling my mom, dad and husband to save every photo and video I’ve ever sent them and realizing that I would just lose a huge chunk of E’s life, I remembered that I had been updating my pictures semi-regularly to the Shutterfly app. I took a peek this afternoon and I have most photos through mid-May. THANK YOU JESUS! No videos but I can honestly live with that. Either way, this is a PSA to back up your photos on the regular or else you will hate yourself and be a terrible mom.
I have a date with the Apple Store on Sunday morning and hope to be back in action next week. In the meantime, let’s hope my kid doesn’t anything noteworthy.

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