Five on Friday

Hello my friends! It appears as if all my posts are Bachelorette related, so I’m back to a Five on Friday with a random brain dump.
1. This has been a tough week for our family. Emma developed pink eye last weekend. Poor thing had her eye sealed shut but still woke up with a smile on her face. I will tell you that putting eye drops in a 9 month olds’ eyes four times a day is a true delight! I woke up Monday with a sore throat, lost my voice at a work event on Thursday and started this morning with pink eye as well. We are a den of sickness over here. Stay away!
2. Sunday was my husband’s first Father’s Day. Watching him fall in love with our daughter is the absolute best. I think its hard for Dads to connect with newborns since they are so fragile and really are attached to mamas most of the time, and truly newborns, while sweet, just aren’t that much fun (in my opinion). As E has grown and developed her little personality, he has just become smitten. No one gets more smiles than Dad and she absolutely loves when he sings to her. It makes me want to have like eight more kids. We celebrated by going to our favorite neighborhood diner for lunch, taking a long and leisurely family nap and going for a swim at the local pool–a perfect day to celebrate the #1 guy/only guy in our house.

3. I popped by Trader Joe’s on Wednesday on my way back from work to pick up a few staples to stock our freezer–perfect for the nights when I just cannot get it together to cook (which, lets be honest, is at least five out of seven night). I’ll do another post on my Trader Joe’s faves in the coming weeks. I did pick up Chocolate Coconut Almonds and I cannot stop eating them. I’ve plowed through half the container in two days. They are AMAZING! It’s like a bite sized Almond Joy but with even more crunch. Pick some up next time you’re at TJs. 
4. A good friend was in town this week for work and she was able to swing up one night for dinner. We shared a bottle of wine and it was so nice to catch up. We realized that it has been ten years since we last had time one-on-one, as the last few times we had seen one another was for weddings, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. It made me realize I need to revisit my New Year’s resolution to make more time for friends and reconnect on a regular basis. Get ready for some phone calls ladies! Also, Lauren works for Pure Barre and teaches/attends class regularly and looks fantastic. This chubby mama is hoping to get her butt the barre soon. Anyone local want to join?
5. Chicago in the summer is the best (usually). One of my favorite things to do is take advantage of all the outdoor concerts. Last Sunday, Tim and I went to the Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park to see Iron & Wine and Damien Rice. Despite a lot of stress to get there (long story but our babysitter no showed), the night was absolutely perfect and it was no great to have a date night with my husband. 
 This weekend we are going to Ravinia, an outdoor venue where everyone packs a picnic and drinks a bunch a wine, to see Amos Lee and David Gray. I’ve already shopped for our snacks because obviously that is the most important. Loving this city and all it has to offer. Now if we could only do something about the weather…


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