Things I Bought from Old Navy and Returned

I got sucked into a banner ad offering 30% off at Old Navy last week and went to town. When I shop on-line I’m of the “I’ll just try it on, you can always return it mentality”. When I was 23, I spent a million dollars at Banana Republic one year buying work clothes and became a Luxe member for life so  I always get free shipping which makes it worth it.
Below is all the stuff I bought, tried on, and promptly put back in the bag to be returned. I’m not sure what sort of body I thought I had while I was perusing the clothes, but I purchased a ton of spaghetti strap dresses. Seriously? Like my nursing boobs could ever handle that.

Lace Trim Sundress
The jersey dress below had potential, and I liked the pattern, but it ruched funny around my waist. I’m sure it would look adorable on some of you.

Sleeveless Jersey Dress
Then I bought a romper. A ROMPER. I’m pretty sure there is an age cutoff for that, but if there isn’t, there is definitely a body cut off and I have missed the mark. I also need to learn that those elastic waistbands just look hideous on me.

Cami Romper 
I did buy (and keep) the below wrap dress. I’m struggling a bit with finding work clothes that don’t require me to get fully undressed to pump and this fits the bill. Plus it was under $30. I wore it to the office with a white blazer and nude heels. I meant to take photo in the huge mirror in the bathroom at work, but I forgot. Would you guys like to see how things looks on a regular lumpy body as opposed to the one below?

Cap Sleeve Wrap Dress
I also picked up a few things for Emma. Now that girl can rock a romper! 
 Sleeveless Chambray Romper (Check out my amaze photography skills) 
 Stars & Stripes Bubble // Chambray Sunhat
Old NavyOld NavyMexican Style Romper
Embroidered Romper 
Pineapple Print Jumpsuit
Now we just need the weather to get above 70* and we can romp it all summer long! Not mama though. Mama will be wearing length appropriate shorts and blousy tops and dreaming of the days she wore maternity maxi-dresses.

One thought on “Things I Bought from Old Navy and Returned

  1. I can totally relate. With no time for actual shopping, I am constantly buying things online….free shipping always gets me! And half of what arrives gets returned — I think they know me at the UPS store.


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