Can’t Live Without It: French Press

Happy Friday friends! FYI, it’s National Donut Day so get yourself to Dunkin (or Krispy Kreme if they are near you, you lucky dogs) and get yo’self a free donut! I had a grapefruit for breakfast this morning because I’m the skinniest person alive, but I am very likely going to walk my buns down to DD for a coffee and a free donut within the hour.
My link game has been weak lately, but today I am linking to something that I truly could not have lived without this past week. With my husband out of town (again) and a teething baby who refused to sleep through the night, this mom was running on caffeine alone. Rather than make a pot of coffee in the morning, when I need to treat myself, I use our French Press.

Bodum Eileen 8-cup French Press
My husband actually requested this as a gift a few years ago, and the quality of a french press brew is definitely better than our Cuisinart Coffee Maker (although it’s good too). The Bodum Eileen also comes in gold, which is gorgeous, it just didn’t fit in with the style of our kitchen. While the french press takes a little more work, the coffee is definitely stronger, and was probably the only thing getting me through the week. We follow these directions for how to make it. It’s a special weekend treat! (Goes best with donuts).


One thought on “Can’t Live Without It: French Press

  1. Haha! I wrote about coffee for the Can’t Live Without It link up too! Must be one of those weeks! I love our French Press too and have to admit that I use it more often than not now. I love how much better it brews the coffee and have a hard time going back to our coffee maker… Have a great weekend!


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