Five on Friday

Hi pals! I hope everyone is gearing up for a long holiday weekend. The weather here in Chicago is not as delightful as I would have hoped, but I’m sure we will survive, especially considering my office closed at 2pm today so we’re starting vacation early. I’m linking up for Five on Friday yet again sharing things that are making me happy this week!
1. Pool party! Last Sunday was hot and sunny so we broke out the baby pool I purchased for E. She loved the pool in Florida and until the Chicago Park District pools open in June, we’re hanging in this bad boy. Girlfriend is rocking her fair Irish skin so I opted for a cover for sun protection. Add in her Beaufort Bonnet Company sunhat and her California Baby sunblock and I think we have her sun protection covered. Maybe someday we’ll actually have a house with a pool, but until that day comes, this is how we’ll roll. Emma didn’t seem to mind the freezing cold water from the hose either!
 Baby Pool
 2. Tim was out of town for the Kentucky Derby so we had a little fun for Preakness! We cheered on American Pharaoh while drinking Moscow Mules and enjoying my favorite snack. Crusty baguette, buratta mozzarella, gourmet pepperoni and prosciutto. We may have gone back for seconds (or thirds). I could eat this for dinner every night during the summer, especially with a glass of bubbly or rose. Yum!
 Crate & Barrel Platter 
3. I listen to iTunes radio quite a bit and my new favorite station is Americana. Country influenced, folksy, a little bit of bluegrass and some great listening for cooking dinner or reading. Think Lucinda Williams, Gillian Welch, Alison Krause. The other day I had the station on when I was in the shower and a song I had never heard came on. It is the story of a couple from meeting to death, written by their granddaughter, Holly Williams. It is absolutely beautiful and I cry my eyes out every time I hear it. Definitely take a listen, but not when you’re in public, because you’ll bawl and embarrass yourself.
4.  In case you didn’t read any other blog this week or live underneath a rock, it’s the Nordstrom half yearly sale. There is so much on sale that it is absolutely overwhelming. The beauty stuff is only Philosophy so no great deals there, and considering I carry a diaper bag everywhere I go I feel like there is no need to spend money on a really darling Kate Spade purse. Add that to the fact that I still don’t have a good handle on what fits my post-baby body and I ended up only buying for my husband and baby. Lame.
I finally got a pair of Freshly Picked mocs for Emma. They were still stupidly expensive for baby shoes, but so darn cute. I also picked up a North Face hoodie for Em. It’s water resistant and fleece lined (and only $35) so perfect for fall.

Freshly Picked Metallic Leather Moccasin (Baby & Walker)

Freshly Picked Mocs

'Chimborazo' Water Resistant Hoodie (Baby Girls)

North Face Hoodie 
In my attempt to turn Tim into Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love (come to mama!), I purchased him these bad boys. Next up, matching belt and blue suit.

Cole Haan Lenox Hill Cap Toe
5. You all voted for me to go for the Taylor Swift bangs. I got my hair cut this afternoon and went for it. Not as good as T-Swift, but I’m also not 27, have legs up to my neck and a team of stylists making me look hot every second of every day.  I took my hair up a little bit in a lob so it’s shorter in the back but still long enough for a pony, which is necessary when your baby is a vicious hair puller.Let’s see if I can style this myself, which is always the problem. Maybe a real life pic to come next week if I can get my act together. Also, this is really one of my first selfies. Are my eyes two different shapes/sizes or am I a little cross eyed? I did have to wear an eye patch when I was little so maybe residual effects? Either way, I need to step up my selfie game ASAP Stella & Dot On the Mark Necklace 
Happy long weekend friends! I hope yours is filled with sunshine, cold drinks and warm hugs.


8 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Hi, I found your blog from the link up! That pool looks great. I wanted to get one for my baby this summer, and one with a sun shade is an awesome idea. Also, I love the FP mods, but I think the ones from Sweet n Swag are just as good, for half the price!! Have a good weekend.


  2. This cracked me up! I like the bangs. The crazy stupid love shoes are hot! That is such a pretty song. Have you heard of Shovels and Rope? They are one of my faves right now. Have a good weekend!


    1. Just listened to Shovels & Rope. They are awesome! And I just looked on their site and they are playing at a street fest in Chicago in a few weeks–we will definitely go see them. Thanks for the suggestion Katie!


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