Thank You

Yesterday’s post was my most read in the very short history of this blog. It also received the most comments, texts and e-mails from friends. Thank you so much for your response. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I hit publish on Monday, and I still get anxious thinking of people reading about my experience. But it did help me to know others had gone through what I went through and come out the other side, so if I can help one person by sharing, that is worth it.
I won’t get into specifics about my infertility diagnosis and our treatment on the blog, but many asked if we went through IVF. We did not. It was the next step in our treatment, and in fact, my doctor recommended we start it earlier. But I just didn’t feel ready for it. I asked about alternative methods and advocated for myself and my body, to the best result possible. I also looked into alternative ways to improve my fertility and do think I partially owe my baby girl to an amazing acupuncturist in my neighborhood. He celebrated right along with me when I told him I was pregnant.
This is my story. So many others who struggle with infertility have stories that are different. Longer. More challenging. Unsuccessful. I know I am among the lucky ones. But if anyone going through this needs to talk, vent, share or cry, I am here.

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