Can’t Live Without It

Happy Friday my friends! Chicago skipped spring and headed straight to summer and I, for one, am not complaining. I’m linking up once again to Laura, Cait and Stephanie (P.S. Have you seen her new blog re-launch? Check it out).         
During pregnancy I cut out all caffeine, which is REALLY REALLY hard for someone who loves bubbles. I’m talking to you, Diet Coke, you evil temptress. My mom, feeling terrible for me but excited I’d be kicking my DC habit bought me a Soda Stream.
It is THE BEST! Mine came with sample packs of syrups to make your own soda, and they tasted fine. Not great, but decent enough that you could drink them regularly. But I use mine to make carbonated water on the daily. The set comes with two bottles so I always have one chilling in the fridge. I add mint, lemon, lime, grapefruit juice, you name it, I shove it in there, and it is so dang good. Even though I’m back on caffeine, I still use my soda stream to satisfy my taste for fizz without drinking soda.
Now I just need to get some new fun summer glasses for backyard drinking. I have my eye on these Jonathan Adler ones from Horchow

Adler Acrylic Glasses
Hope you all get some al fresco drinking this weekend–ideally with some alcohol in your glass!

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