It’s a Girl! 

I received a text 5:30 on Saturday morning saying “It’s a girl!”  Nope, wasn’t waiting to hear from a friend about their baby. It was CLEARLY about the royal princess. Like every single person everywhere, I love Kate Middleton. Her style is impeccable, she appears to be a genuinely nice woman, and she and Wills have the sweetest little love affair. And she is by far the cutest preggo ever.
This is a photo of Kate at her last public appearance (at the end of April) before the babe arrived:   This is what I looked like:
 And just in case you were wondering, my daughter weighed 1oz more than hers. Not 50lbs, like it appears. 1oz. Ugh.
And then. And then…she makes her first public appearance the day she delivered. Literally less than 12 hours after giving birth and she looked like this:
 Blow out. Jenny Packham dress. Make-up. Heels. I was hobbling to the bathroom with blood gushing down my legs praying to God I didn’t pee my pants. As my friend Amber said, “Royals…they’re not just like us”. Lord hopes that girl was able to get home, strap on some mesh undies and an enormous pad covered in Tucks and numbing gel, put on a nursing tank and some drawstring pants and have a big ol’ cry.
And for comparison sake, here I am in my first “public appearance” post delivery. TWO DAYS LATER. Hair clearly in a ponytail. Rocking my maternity jeans. Looking decidedly still pregnant. I put on lipstick so I’ll consider that a win, but for the sake of my self esteem I will not post these photos side by side.
IMG_7519Welcome to the world Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! I hope, for your sake, you look like your mother!

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