Five on Friday 

Hi friends! I’m joining in on Five on Friday again this week. I’m feeling chatty (and lacking photos)  so READ ON!
1. This week I came down with food poisoning. I can say with certainty that it was one of the worst nights of my life. Thank you Blue Apron and your tainted cod. That’s what I get for making fish at home. NEVER. AGAIN. Do not read below if you’re eating breakfast/lunch: My dog was very upset that I kept getting up and running to the bathroom, and tried to help out by eating my vomit when I didn’t make it to the toilet on time. Disgusting. The most humbling part of the whole experience was the fact that I peed my pants every single time I threw up. Add that to the list of things they don’t tell you about giving birth. Ginger ale, saltines, and a load of laundry later, I have recovered.
3. On Natalie of Designer Bag and Dirty Diaper’s recommendation, I purchased the Nest Bamboo candle. I love their Pumpkin Chai scent for the fall (smells like autumn but not too sweet) and the Birchwood Pine for the holidays, so I had high expectations. The Bamboo does not disappoint! It is light, fresh and clean, and smells like citrus and gardenias. Perfect for spring!
3. When I was on maternity leave I binge watched Scandal OnDemand. I loved the concept, a strong female lead, and of course, Olivia Pope’s killer wardrobe. Then it got absolutely terrible. But I still watch it. This season has improved as Olivia and team have gotten back to their original work, but seriously the best part is that Mellie isn’t wearing those stupid shrugs anymore. I think I wore one in 2001. They had her in stupid matchy-matchy ones in every episode. She wouldn’t get my presidential vote on her wardrobe alone.


4. Postpartum hair is the worst. First of all, I never got the long luxurious glossy locks that most women get while pregnant. Just regular ol’ hair. And then four months after Emma was born–BAM!–all my hair started falling out. Now teeny tiny baby hairs are growing in around my forehead. Also, has anyone else’s hair turned exceptionally greasy post baby? I am taking any and all recommendations for products that can improve this hot mess. I’m really painting a lovely picture of myself on this Five on Friday.
5. If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that the photo I posted this morning  had a watermark around Emma’s face. A few of you may have read Stephanie’s post on baby roleplay and protecting your child’s on-line privacy. It is horrifying and makes me sick to my stomach. Thus, to ensure the safety of my baby girl, you’ll be seeing these on any photos of her sweet face in the future.
Have a great weekend my friends!


3 thoughts on “Five on Friday 

  1. there are times when scandal literally makes me sick to my stomach – why do i still watch? the kelly half up curly hair bugs me, too…wait, that’s how i wore my hair throughout my twenties and at my wedding…


  2. Even worse, those shrugs/cardigans are for sale as part of the Limited’s Scandal collection. I’m sure you’re rushing out to buy one as we speak.


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