Weekend Recap

One of my best friends came to visit this past weekend. This is the first time one of my friends has visited in a year. You hear that ladies? One year! Buy a ticket already!
Anyway, it was so wonderful to be in the easy company of one of my nearest and dearest and so special to introduce her to my daughter. They loved one another quite a bit which made my heart happy.   She also gave some much needed attention to my other baby and took her on two runs! Addie was obsessed.   I really showed Claire a good time! Thursday night I worked until midnight, Friday night we watched a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress and Bride By Design (good concept, poor execution but it allowed us to be really judgy) and Saturday I took her to the grocery store and out to dinner at 5:30. We were wild! (Why doesn’t anyone visit?)
Honestly it was wonderful. We did go out to a delicious brunch on Saturday where we ordered our signature breakfast app and tasty brunch cocktails. Frasca is where it’s at!
IMG_7812We got manis on Saturday afternoon, went for a few walks, had a great dinner out at Chicago Q, and played plenty of board games. Eating, drinking and games are our favorite things so all bases were covered. The visit was too short and it had me questioning why I am so far away from many of those I love. Then I passed out on the couch at 7:30pm because I’m old.


Come back Claire! We miss you! And everyone else, get your butts to Chicago and you too can go grocery shopping with me.

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