Embracing the Little Moments

Today I took a nap when the baby napped. I put her down, curled up in my lovely white sheets, let the sun peek through the shutters and closed my eyes. It was wonderful. I allowed myself a break–something most of us don’t do often enough.
There is so much to be done. Housework. Real work. Laundry. Vacuuming. Grocery shopping. I need to work out. Or mop my floor. Or finish unpacking. But right now, I will let my baby nap in my arms because I know these moments are precious and she won’t do this forever. I will sniff her head and let her hold my index finger with her fat little hand and give myself a day off. Because this moment right here, with the dog snoozing at my feet and a baby nuzzled into my chest, is what I will remember, what I will treasure, when the dog is gone and the baby grows up and I rattle around, very lonely, in my clean little home.  

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