Can’t Live Without It

I’m linking up with a few of my favorite bloggers this Friday for something new! Be sure to check out Stephanie, Cait and Laura as well to see what they can’t live without, and I dare you to not get sucked into their blogs for the remainder of the day.

Beauty products are not my thing. I buy most of my make-up (mainly lipstick and mascara) from the drugstore, and have only recently started spending my money on higher quality brands like Bobbi Brown. That’s what getting older does to you.
My biggest beauty splurge, and definitely something I can’t live without, is Kiehl’s Creme de Corps.
I love Kiehl’s and use a fair amount of their products (my faves are the Creamy Eye Treatment and Midnight Recovery Treatment) but always felt like this was outside my budget.  I mean, lotion is lotion right? But every time I was home, I would slather myself in my mom’s stash, so I decided to bite the bullet. It is worth every penny, especially in the middle of Chicago winter when my skin gets so dry it starts chapping. My husband started using it too and now we fight over who “deserves” it more. I’ll be using it a ton this week as I attempt to prolong my Florida tan and prevent peeling from an accidental burn, and attempt to get these legs ready for dress and shorts weather!
What can’t you live without this week?

5 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without It

  1. Ha! This cracks me up. I always say to my husband “Don’t use this it’s expensive!” which he reminds me that he likes it too! Seriously – I have had to hide my Oribe dry texturizing spray from him! Might have to look into this lotion. Because I agree, the older we get, the more expensive our “maintenance” becomes.


  2. ok, I love me some Kiehls (Expensive) lip stuff! there is nothing like winter to ruin you skin so I may just need to indulge in this! thanks for linking up and for the sweet words! xo


  3. Kiehl’s makes an amazing facial cream — a dab on one finger covers my whole face… and despite my consistent lack of hydrating well enough, even an occasional facialist tells me that my skins looks good! A jar really lasts a long time. Miracle cream, I tell ya…


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