Five on Friday: Guest Blogger Edition

I didn’t want to let the fact that I’m sunning my buns keep you without  a post this Friday so I have a guest blogger!  I met Niki while working at Big Brothers Big Sisters, where she was volunteering on the Junior Board. She is warm, smart, compassionate, drop-dead gorgeous, and just welcomed her little nugget of a baby girl in December. Welcome Niki! 
Thrilled to be Winchester Wife’s guest blogger! I had this wacky idea during Olivia’s 3am feeding. Like Jess, I am a new mom. Olivia Kathryn was born on Christmas Eve and our lives are forever changed.
 A little bit about me – a 31 year old, type A, control freak. I love mac n’ cheese and all things sweets (except cannoli’s, I really don’t like cannoli’s). On the weekends you can find me at Nookies with my fam or playing fetch at Oz Park. Married to an amazing man for 3.5 years and our first baby was our fur baby, Rooney, a Westie with a spicy personality.  Cordells
Being a bit neurotic, Jon and I read a ton of books before Livvy arrived, but none of them really prepared us for the shit storm wild ride we were about to embark on. Well, the “it’s hard” is impossible to know what that means until you are covered in vom and poop at the same time and your dog is desperately trying to get his share of the pie.
 I digress. So my Five for Friday are the top 5 things I pass on to new or soon-to-be mommies:
  • Mommy Time: take it. When someone offers you reprieve for an hour – just go lay down. Even if you’re not tired. Get a massage around week 8, aim for immediately after a feed or you’ve pumped. Your boobs will thank you.  Hit the gym – your body and soul will thank you and so will your bank account so you don’t need a whole new wardrobe. My favorite was Pure Barre Lincoln Park (selfishly, this is across the street from my house and I won a month class at a charity auction).  A few eye cream obsessions: Erase Paste by benefit, Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream & Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate.
  • Understand Your Baby: live I have said before, we have read numerous books and only recently did I succumb to taking what I learned and really paying attention to Livvy’s needs and her unique personality. What works for your bestie’s baby, might not work for you. Try to trust your gut and yes, occasionally this will fail you and will lose confidence in yourself but you’ll get it back. And it really does get better. Just look at her toothless grin! Olivia Funny Face
  • Gear: we love our mamaroo – yes, it’s pricey, but see if your co-workers or friends will pitch in together, or perhaps a wealthy aunt or an overzealous MIL will get it for you. We also love the Miracle Blanket Swaddle. Only recently has she been able to bust out of this straight jacket and we will have to transition to the zippadee zip soon. Love Earth Mama nipple cream. We have half a dozen wubbanubs – in the car, her crib, my coat pocket. $10 for a paci? I know, but it keeps her calm, doesn’t fall out easily and now that she is older, she likes to grab it. We’ve found the dohm isn’t really loud enough. So occasionally we use the Sleepy Forest app with our sonos system. O Swaddle O straight jacket
  • Reading/Social: love the Bump Club dinners; a great way to meet other mommies and learn about the various topics of parenthood. Obsessed with Lucie’s List – they are spot on with their weekly topics. Kelly Mom for all your breast feeding needs. And a shit load of sleeping books – but that is another topic for another day and I have been told to chill out with these anyways.
  • Lactation Consultant: Get yourself a good one. JOC was $200 for an in-home visit. The 4th day after she was born, our 4 day pediatrician appointment, she had dipped to 11% weight loss and we had to come back 2 days later to ensure her weight had started to pick up. In a panic, I called JOC at 11pm desparate for help. I was clueless and really didn’t want to supplement with formula. Long story short and tears later, turns out I just needed a different position and to feed her more often – I had a sleepy eater. She gained 6oz in those 2 days; all with the support of JOC, my husband and my ta-tas J Plus, if you are super curious you can visit them at Sweet Pea Studio for a weigh in to see how much she eats from each boob. TMI.
 I could go on and on with baby stuff. Anything you guys would add to this list? Any advice as I transition back to work? It has been two weeks, but a total sleep deprived blur. Thrilled to be back, but miss my little peanut dearly and can’t wait to find a balance – being a loving wife, snuggly mom, thoughtful friend, gym rat, and the list goes on. Thanks for reading – this was fun!
Great advice Niki, especially on Mommy Time–something I need to be more conscious of. And for those of you who are local, I will second JOC Lactation Consultants. That woman changed my breastfeeding experience around in under an hour.  Thanks for sharing your awesome recommendations!  


2 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Guest Blogger Edition

  1. I second the erase paste and the miracle blanket. Don’t know how people live without. A couple other must haves (coming from a mama with an 11 month old)- Trend Lab Cribwrap. My baby turned into a woodchuck and started eating her beautiful crib. Graco nasal aspirator. Amaze. Snuggleroo moccasins. Just as cute as freshly picked and they stay on. All items on Amazon (of course).


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