Five on Friday: Oh hello there!

Sorry for the radio silence my friends. This lady was hit by the flu last week. Not only did I feel terrible, but it was awful to have to take two days off of work to just sleep. Thankfully, neither husband nor baby caught it. As an added bonus, I was able to lose a few pounds. Hooray! A quick Five on Friday for your enjoyment:
1. After much trial and error, we have a winner in the one piece swimsuit competition! I had pinned this suit last year and was so pleased it came back in stock. The top offers enough support, the tie at the waist makes it appear as if I do, in fact, have a waist, and most importantly, it does not give me stump legs. Dare I say I actually feel cute in it?
Anthropologie Suit
2. My husband was out of town last week for work, and I was on my own for the first time since the babe was born. I was a little nervous, but honestly, I do most of the evening bulk work anyway as he often works until after her bedtime. What was really hard to manage was the dog/baby combo! I prepped really well the night before to ensure my morning was smooth and was SO impressed with myself for having time for coffee, breakfast and playtime in the morning, dropping off both baby and dog to their respective daycares (Yep, my dog goes to daycare. We are THOSE people), and getting myself to the train on time while wearing make-up. Really I was sitting on the train patting myself on the back when I looked into my bag and realized I forgot my pumping equipment. Humbled by motherhood yet again. Thank goodness there is a Target downtown for emergencies.
3.  Thanks for all the voting for the Rent the Runway dresses for our annual gala! The sparkly dress was the clear winner and the one I ultimately chose. It was a little boobier than I would have liked, especially considering I sat with some nuns, but the fit was great and I felt pretty. I was slightly disappointed with the sizing, as I had utilized the chat feature to ask the RTR specialists if I should get a Regular or a Long, due to the reviews. The specialist said based on my height and measurements, regular would be fine, but it really was a smidge too short. I will definitely rent again though for future events, and imagine this won’t be a problem for cocktail dresses.  If you’re interested, here is a referral link:  Rent the Runway


4. I have an embarrassing admission. I’m really into that Nick Jonas song, Jealous. I hate myself every time I sing along to it, but I can’t help it. I just looked up the video and it is terrible, so obviously included it for your viewing pleasure. Yikes.

5. It snowed here in glorious Chicago this morning. I’m 100% over the weather and cannot wait to get my buns to Florida and burn the heck out of this pale skin. Speaking of, I hope to have a guest blogger while I’m gone so you aren’t left high and dry yet again!


4 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Oh hello there!

  1. I can relate to the story of forgetting pump equipment – good thing walgreens is everywhere! Love the suit! Never would have thought to check Anthro for swim suits.


  2. I really like that suit and as much as I don’t want to ever wear a swimsuit again, I’m thinking of making the purchase. How does the sizing run? What did you order in relation to what you would have pre-pregnancy? Just trying to get an idea. Thanks!


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