Five on Friday: What I’m Reading, Drinking, Wearing, Eating & Doing

1. What I’m Eating:

Each year our condo building hosts a progressive dinner through our six units. The first session is predictably awkward, and typically everyone is drunk and happy by stop five. We’re doing small plates this year. I will most definitely be making bacon wrapped dates and either homemade pizzas (it is Pi Day after all) or Ina’s Roasted Shrimp Cocktail. Any other suggestions? I had thought about making BBQ sliders but I can’t find slider buns anywhere!
2. What I’m Drinking: My husband I got married at B.R. Cohn winery in Sonoma. Every time I’m at Trader Joe’s or a liquor store, I look to see if they carry our brand as I love to keep a bottle in the house. It’s a fun little memory every time we share a glass or two. Our fave is the  Silver Label Cabernet. It’s full, fruity and delicious.
3. What I’m Doing:
IMG_6988Our little friend is six months old today! I can hardly believe it. Seeing as she is celebrating half a year, we’ll be trying her first solid foods this weekend. While I’m excited to see her reaction, I’m a little sad as it means she is growing up and becoming a big kid. Fingers crossed she is a good eater like her mama and not picky as hell like her dad.
4. What I’m Reading:
Our book club selected “Girl on the Train” for our April read. I downloaded it on Thursday night and finished it on Saturday. It was a thriller and very “Gone Girl”, but an enjoyable, good quick read. I’ve just started Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please”. I have a major girl crush on Amy. She’s fiesty, funny, a graduate of my alma mater, and besties with Tina Fey. Minus divorcing Will Arnett, she has got the life!  I’m surprised how open she is, and am really liking it thus far.
5. What I’m Wearing:
Not a huge puffy coat, scarf, hat and gloves. Hooray! I did go sans tights earlier this week and it was a little aggressive. Also, I realized my bod doesn’t look as good in dresses without the slimming of my Spanx tights. Time to get in shape girl!


4 thoughts on “Five on Friday: What I’m Reading, Drinking, Wearing, Eating & Doing

  1. I’m going to have to check out Amy’s book. I LOVED Tina Feys and heard they are similar. Happy 6 months to your little sweetie!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)


  2. I bought a pair of spanx “leggings” but they are just glorified tights. either way…they flatten my stomach like magic and they are even comfy. now if only a magical invisible pair existed for summer time? I did just weigh myself and I have lost 5 lbs since maybe January/Feb/depths of cold winter and binge eating despair. Only 10 more to go. UGH.
    I am listening to the Girl on the Train audiobook. I’m about 3/4 of the way through. It is so strange and good.
    Emma looks so freakin cute in that pic. Sloany needs a pair of better fitting sunglasses. the Babiators are too big for her tiny head. She has been very “whatevs” regarding solid food. She eats it fine, but doesn’t get all hyped up about it like her milk. Milk for lyfe.


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