Final Prince Farming Recap

I was sooooooo bored with this finale. I kept getting up to shove my face full of Oreos. (Again, notice no Weight Watchers updates?)
I know a lot of people are Team Whitney, but I just find her so annoying. Mostly it’s her voice,  but she is just so damn enthusiastic. It does NOT seem genuine at all. I mean, if you are going to pick up your life in Chicago, where you have a very successful career, and just move to the middle of nowhere Iowa to be with a guy you have known for two months no questions asked, something is wrong with you. Also, her lipstick shade is always off.

Am I right? Try a little color Whitney. 
Love Chris’ mom. I kinda want her to be my mother-in-law too. (Not to say anything against my real mother-in-law who is awesome!) But she just seems like a great lady.
I’m mad Chris dumped Becca. I really think the two of them had a fantastic connection, and if he gave her time, it would have worked out. That’s why this show is so ridiculous! There is not a two month timeline on marriage my friends. It’s a big decision. A little questioning and “being sure” is GOOD.
Whitney was so nervous at the proposal I thought she was going to pass out. Why the eff did she start talking immediately? She just talks non flipping stop. We get it, you love him. Shut your yapper. He didn’t really articulate why he wants to marry her, just that’s she’s perfect. Honestly, I think he wants to get married, it’s hard to meet people who will move to that godforsaken town and she is a sure thing. Done.

All in all, I liked this season because I genuinely think Chris  was a good guy. However, if I was one of the contestants I would feel TOTALLY gypped. Typically they get to stay in paradise for a week or two when they have their night in the fantasy suite, meet the family and then get proposed to on the beach. These two sadsacks had to freeze their tatas off in a barn in Iowa. I’d be writing a strongly worded letter to Chris Harrison if I was Becca.
After the Final Rose Thoughts: 
I still love Becca. She’s so damn normal. And pretty. And normal.
Whitney’s dress was way too short and I still don’t see their chemistry. And we get it, you two are going to have  babies (because there is nothing else to do in Arlington).  Smartest thing she did is not watch the season.  I’d be so pissed to hear my father-in-law say, “Whitney’s a sure thing, but I think he likes Becca”.  Yikes.
And now for my favorite!
Ashley S. is killing it with the outfits! Also her skin is gorgeous. I’ll have what she’s having (which is probably crazy pills).
Jimmy Kimmel was the best part of the season, for sure. When he brought out Juan Pablo the cow and Chris Harrison said “Eeeees ok”, I snorted. Also, remember this?

Two Bachelorettes? Weird. If the guys on their season had watched the show, they will obvi pick Kaitlyn because Britt is a hot mess.
 Battle of the duck lips? What is happening here? 
I may watch the first episode to see who the guys pick, but won’t get past that. But most importantly, how long to do you give Chris and Whitney? I say she lasts one winter on that farm and then she is outta there!

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