Fashion Plate

There are few things more depressing than bathing suit shopping. One of them is bathing suit shopping post-baby when you are extremely pale and flabby as hell. I tried on the three suits I purchased last week and they are NOT flattering. It’s unclear why one piece equals low grandma leg. I’m no designer, but I think we can agree that a higher leg cut makes your legs look better than something that cuts you off, resulting in tree trunk legs, which apparently is what I have. I won’t share photos with you because you may be eating, but trust me, it wasn’t pretty. My mom told me to look at Land’s End, because I’m 55 years old. Also, all of their “enhance” suits are $179! Seriously, Land’s End. Get over yourself. Any other recommendations for one piece suits? Maybe a tankini?

This is basically what I looked like.
In other fashion news, it’s gala season for the non-profit world. My organization is hosting their ball next Saturday and I have nothing to wear. I’m considering Rent the Runway and have narrowed it down to the following. There are a lot more amazing dresses but they are either not available next weekend OR they are too pricey for my taste. Please weigh-in and consider what would be most flattering to a post-baby body. Remember that I’m at a work event and as such, will be working all night, so I’ll need to be very comfortable.
Option 1:

Pretty color. Appears to be flattering? But too summery?
Option 2:

Too sparkly for working an event? I like that I’ll be able to wear a regular bra though.
Option 3:

Pretty, but potentially boring.
What say you?

2 thoughts on “Fashion Plate

  1. So, I am obsessed with RTR and use it for every charity event, wedding, and occasionally date nights. They have the best customer service and if you are iffy about your size, email their stylist. Also, for the bathing suit, Jcrew’s cuts are flattering but I have no idea how much their one pieces are. Nordy’s has a great shipping/return policy, you might try there too. I got this adorable one piece from Madewell when I was preggars and still wear it post-baby.


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