Five on Friday

1. Our little lab Addie turned three last week. Sadly, she has not matured one bit. Last Friday when Emma had the flu she cough puked all over me (that was a new experience!) while I was wearing the beautiful new robe that Tim got me for Christmas. I threw it on the floor  and proceeded to get changed to head out to Em’s doctor’s appointment. When we returned, the robe was in the middle of the living room and the part that had been covered in baby vomit was consumed by our dog. She literally ate a shoulder and a full sleeve. Disgusting. To add insult to injury, she later puked it up all over the rug. Can someone tell me why dogs have to puke on the carpet? 98% of our house is hardwood and girlfriend seeks out the rug. She’s a hot mess but I still love her little face.


2. Like everyone else who lives in the Midwest and the Northeast, I’m dreaming of spring. Bundling myself up is annoying enough, but bundling up a kid is a new ball game. Last night I needed to run the dog out to pee (literally took 2 minutes), and rather than snap Emma into a ridiculous snowsuit, I just put a hat on her and zipped her into my coat. It was actually pretty genius. But I am counting down the days until I can just walk outside with what I’m wearing, sit in the backyard, go for a long walk without freezing my fingers off and take off these nasty crusty salted Ugg boots. Yes, I’m still rocking Uggs. Deal with it.
3. As I’m dreaming of spring, I already started spring shopping. Since I had Emma, the only purchases I’ve made have been nursing tanks, new underwear (the Gilligan OMalley undies at Target are AMAZING and are on special now 5 for $20–get you some!) and a dress for the baptism.  Old Navy’s spring line is LEGIT and 40% off on-line now. I just bought the dress below and I’m going to buy it in a few other colors. It is very forgiving on a post-baby frame and I can pull the neck down to pump. TMI? Sorry.

4. I fell off the dairy free wagon pretty hard last weekend. Tim and I went out to lunch and he ordered fried cheese curds. I couldn’t just let them sit there, so I ate about a thousand and dunked them in ranch for good measure. And then I had a rueben with swiss cheese. And then that night we ordered pizza. (Notice I’m not reporting on my weight loss here?) End result was that poor Em suffered the consequences. I felt like a jerk and now I’m back to my almond milk and vegan butter. Blech.
5. While trying to put together a new budget that includes the expense of daycare, I was reviewing our credit card statements and realized I didn’t go to Target the entire month of January. I’m not sure how this is possible, but don’t worry, I remedied that immediately. Does anyone have good tips for managing and setting a monthly budget? I’m basically just going with our regular bills and then reviewing past credit card statements with horror on my face at how much I spend on Amazon.
Have a great weekend friends!

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Girl, how I love your posts! I am totally going to check out those undies at Target. Since I just moved to a new place, I am using that as an excuse for making very frequent trips for ‘stuff!’ Also, since I’m sadly lactose intolerant all the time…

    First, have you tried the brand Daiya? If not, definitely check it out — as far as fake cheese goes, it definitely ranks high (and supposedly melts well too although I haven’t tried that yet). Also, have you see Arctic Zero ‘ice cream?’ 150 calories a pint. I’m all for ‘quantity’ so it feels less like deprivation to fit into my jeans – although the super stretchy rockstar skinnies at Old Navy might be the best thing ever… 🙂


  2. I am also going dairy free for my LO. I have only been dairy free for 4 weeks but it has really helped my 3 month old. It’s just so hard cuz like EVERYTHING has dairy in it. I also LOVE cheese so the struggle is real. Hope you enjoy your weekend!!


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