How I could have been Mrs. Tom Brady

Hats off to the New England Patriots for pulling off a win yesterday! I rarely doubt Belichick, Brady, Edelman & Gronk, but it looked iffy there for a while. Thanks to Pete Carroll’s terrible coaching, the Patsies brought home another Vince Lombardi trophy. I was cheering with my Brady jersey on, a few beers and plenty of dairy free snacks, which was actually not as lame or low fat as it sounds.
1012951_10153015963987380_1196174563435598461_nI am a huge Brady fan, and not just because he’s crazy handsome. My husband asked me yesterday why I thought Tom was good looking, and I responded that he has a nice jawline and “a good head of hair” because I am apparently my grandmother. Tom is from my hometown and went to the brother school of my high school. He was a senior when I was a freshman so I guess I cheered him on years ago when I was rocking braces, orange-y lipstick from The Body Shop and really light high-waisted jeans. About five years ago my Dad shared with me that when I was in middle school, we almost bought the house next door to his family. I literally would have been the girl next door. I’m sure it would have been true love and we would be happily married and living in bliss. Or at least he would have left me with a child out of wedlock before he dumped me for a supermodel.
Lest you think my life is super glamorous due to my very vague high school connections to celebrity athletes, my baby somehow just pooped on my dog’s head (and the carpet, and my pants, and her bib) and the dog ate it. You guys, the dog ATE it. It was all very horrifying. After I screamed at the dog, she got nervous and ran around the living room, getting her poopy face dangerously close to my white chairs. I had to strip the babe naked and get her right in the tub for a bath, which I administered while ALSO not wearing pants since they were covered in poop. This would never happen to Gisele. Happy Monday!

IMG_0667 (1)


3 thoughts on “How I could have been Mrs. Tom Brady

  1. After a day where our puppy a) broke out of his crate and b) our obedience class teacher said he was the class “troublemaker” and then promptly put up barriers all around him, I needed this blog entry more than you know. Thank you SO MUCH. love you and how you tell it like it is.


  2. Love you and love picturing that scene at your place! Also, I feel like Tom and I were destined to get married because we have the same birthday. That’s a reason to spend the rest of your life together, right? Miss you tons!


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