Five on Friday

1. Life as I know it may be over. There is a chance that E has a cow milk allergy, meaning this mama has to eliminate dairy from her diet. You guys, this is going to be the WORST! What will I eat? No seriously, what will I eat? The only plus side (minus not changing dirty diapers a million times a day) is that maybe I’ll lose weight faster? Please cross your fingers this is not the case.

2. In an attempt to clean up my diet, I’ve been cooking recipes from the new SkinnyTaste cookbook. I’ve followed Gina’s website for years and really do love her recipes. I appreciate that she always includes the Weight Watchers points and her portion sizes are generous. This week I made Baked Potato Soup, Asian Glazed Drumsticks and Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad. I of course added a bit of parmesan to the salad because I can’t have anything without cheese. I think next time I’d add some crumbled bacon as well for a different texture and a bit of saltiness, and you know, because it’s delicious. Check out my amazing food photography below.
3. My best friend from high school, a teacher and mom of two,  started a blog about the love of books and all things literacy. It is focused on children’s books and she has awesome recommendations as well as tips on how you can encourage your child through reading. I definitely suggest all you mamas check out The Petite Stag. Erin is currently running a giveaway that ends tomorrow so visit and enter today!  Also she knows how to put images and captions together, unlike me. Here is my gorgeous friend with her sweet baby girls.


4. I finally fit into a pair of work pants this week. It was so exciting that I wore them two days in a row (before I spilled grilled cheese on them- no judgement please). As I work at different sites throughout the week there are times I recycle outfits. It’s fantastic because you don’t run into the same people and you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing. Today I ran into a snag in this glorious plan, as I realized the daycare people see me everyday. They probably just think I’m a total dirtbag. Whatever, if Kate can do it, so can I.

5. What is happening with Jillian’s butt on The Bachelor? Girl needs to put some pants on. That said, her leaping over the fence in one fell swoop to wrangle a pig was amazing.
My general thoughts on the season thus far:
  • So much head jewelry
  • Bring me more Ashley S. That girl is certifiable and I love it. Her crazy eyes make me laugh every time. 
  • I appreciate that the girls appear to like one another. The cattiness of other seasons makes me very uncomfortable and makes all women look stupid. Not that these chicks are representative of the population generally…
  • Chris is mighty cute but that laugh of his has gots to go.
  • The girl that wants to be a Kardashian is Krazy.  She would last 1 second on a farm in Iowa. Also, she’s a gross kisser.

7 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Love your blog and makes me miss you even more, as I swear I have had 98 percent of the thoughts that you share here. You are the best and I love that you decided to do this. Also, I wish you were here so we could at least watch the Bachelor together.


  2. My little one had a dairy/soy allergy as well! It was sooo hard (soy is in everything if you eat out – dairy may be slightly easier – slightly). Oreos are dairy free (hence the creme and not cream on the label). I ate a lot of Oreos. And dark chocolate. Good luck!
    I recycle clothes all the time, mainly yoga pants because they are so comfy and don’t remind me of weight I want to lose ;).
    As a former teacher I’m super excited to check out your friend’s blog!


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