I’m going to be real original here and post my resolutions for 2015. I’m hoping by writing them down and making them public, I’ll be more accountable. Or you keep me accountable. I could use the tough love.
NYE 2010.
NYE 2010. Photo taken by timer on camera perched precariously on top of an old school tv.
I think we’ve covered that my number one goal is to lose the baby weight! I hope to do that not only through Weight Watchers, but also getting my behind moving. I’d like to get back to my regular routine at Core Power Yoga and start running again. My goal this year is to do a few 5 and 10Ks, and either a half marathon or a sprint triathlon this fall. Tough lovers, that last one is a real stretch so don’t beat me up over it if I bail, ok?
Chicago Marathon 2008. And then I promptly stopped running for two years.
Chicago Marathon 2008. And then I promptly stopped running for two years.
Be more present. Both my husband and I have a default of being on our phones. Yes, I often get work emails after hours, but more likely I am scrolling through Instagram, looking at Facebook or refreshing UsWeekly. Real intelligent pursuits over here. I hope to turn my phone off more often when I get home and really be in the moment with my little family.
Eat dinner at the dining room table at least once a week. Yes, we are the people that eat dinner every night on the coffee table with our lazy bums parked on the couch. This really limits our conversation as the TV is usually on and we oftentimes rush through our meal rather than enjoying it. Also, it’s kind of gross.
Pick up the phone and call my friends. I have a wonderful group of girlfriends that are spread out across the country and the times we see one another are few and far between. We are all busy with work, kids, life, but rather than a quick text or e-mail, I want to pick up the phone and hear their voice. These friendships have sustained me for the last 17 years (WHAT? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?) and I need to do a better job of nurturing them.
My bachelorette party. Sorry for posting photo of all of you in bikinis without your permission, but the visors won out.
My bachelorette party. Sorry for posting photo of all of you in bikinis without your permission, but the visors won out. Also, I look skinny.
Get a babysitter! Both our families live in other states so we don’t have the luxury of grandparents coming over to watch E. I am super nervous to leave our little one with a stranger, but know it’s important for my husband and I to reconnect. Gotta work on making baby #2 somehow, am I right? (If Tim reads this, he will kill me.)
Spend more time playing with Addie. Addie is our yellow lab and my first baby. She is the absolute best, and try as I might, she has been pushed aside a bit as we adjust to life with a baby. I’d like to give her some extra special love this year for being such a good big sister with lots of beach and park trips.
My little buddy on her 2nd birthday.
My little buddy on her 2nd birthday.
Blog once a week. Or at least post something once a week, even if it isn’t beautifully curated with lovely photos. Which leads me to my final resolution…
Take more pictures. Like real pictures, with a real camera. Not quick snaps with the iPhone. I have a Canon EOS 6D and I’d like to do a better job of using it more often and teaching myself some photography skills along the way.
What are your resolutions for the new year? Maybe teaching me how to input photos appropriately and determine caption font sizes? Geez.

9 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. word on being more present. As E gets a little older, she is going to notice you guys are your cell phone and you will start to feel guilty. Olive totally knows when I am on it which is A LOT. I need to just put it away. Whats the BFD. I can catch up on insta before I go to bed or at work. LOL.


  2. I’m SO with you on several of these. I haven’t worked out in ages. And my body aches because of it. I’m starting small because I can’t find time to run. Some stretching, squats, anything I can do in the living room while having kids jump all over me. Let’s do it together! Text me words of encouragement!

    Also I’m totally with you on being present and keeping in better touch. Trying to put my phone away until the kids are asleep. Let’s FaceTime more and plan that long weekend in Wisconsin. Love you!


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