A whole new bod.

I loved being pregnant. Yes, I could no longer wrangle my boobs, I had severe heartburn and by the end I literally had to grasp the headboard to pull myself out of bed to pee (5 times a night), but overall, I had a very easy pregnancy. It was amazing to see my body change and grow to accommodate my new little friend and wearing maternity clothes was amazing. If I could spend the rest of life rocking maxi dresses and paneled pants I would do it in a heartbeat. And let’s be serious, I’m still wearing those awesomely soft and long maternity tees.
Baby shower day with that handsome man of mine.
I was so into my preggo bod that I kind of didn’t think about what it would look like after the baby was born. So I ate. I ate everything. Nightly root beer floats? Sure! Chips with lunch every day? Why not? ALL of the cheese? Bring to mama.  And so I gained 40 pounds. That’s right, FORTY! A pound  for each week of pregnancy, for those counting at home.
September 2013
September 2013
September 2014- 12 hours before delivery.

September 2014- 12 hours before delivery.

After baby E was born, I had that post-delivery squishy stomach, of course, but I realized I also had a massive butt and huge legs. WHAT? When did that happen? It didn’t help that while nursing, I consumed massive amounts of calories. That’s right friends, I gained weight in month two and three postpartum. Gross. It really hit me when I went back to work last month and literally did not fit into any of my clothes. One can only wear the same black wrap dress so many times before even male colleagues take note. As I sadly looked at all my cute pencil skirts and blouses (not sure my chest will ever fit in there again), I realized something needed to change. Thus, I have joined Weight Watchers! My first week I consumed pizza, fried chicken and numerous other naughty foods, so lets all just pretend that never happened.
I’m putting this out there to keep me accountable: I need to lose 17 pounds to get back to my pre-baby weight and 22 pounds to reach my goal weight. Yikes. If any of you are hoping to get in shape, either due to the after-effect of carrying and delivering a bundle of joy or just because it’s a new year, I’d love the support and conversation. It’s always easier when someone else is going through it with you. Now, if I could only halt our Friday night pizza delivery…but I think my husband would consider that grounds for divorce.

4 thoughts on “A whole new bod.

  1. You’re speaking to my soul, Jess. Everything you wrote is exactly what I’ve encountered: beautiful pregnancy, massive weight gain (I won’t tell you how much more than 40 I gained, though!) My little buddy is 21 mos old now – and I have 12 lbs to lose yet, no excuses (but I’m good at making them) and low motivation. I need some accountability, too!!


    1. Girl, you do not need to lose 12 more pounds. You looked amazing this summer! But that gives me hope. And I feel you on the excuses….definitely feel like I make them all the time, like today, when I ate TWO lobster rolls (lunch and dinner) because I had a Gilt City that was going to expire. I mean…get your shit together Jess!


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